“Welcome to Ethiopia, Welcome to Africa.  LALIBELA ECO TOURS and Travel is a Company that provides tours, Travels related services in Ethiopia. The company was started with the aim of providing tours individuals, families, groups, incentives &conferences. Lalibela Eco Tours provides quality tours at affordable prices. We can give very personal attention to all your needs to make your expedition truly memorable.

We operate tours as diverse and many-sided as Ethiopia itself. Depending on your interests and budget, we will take you on the famous historical route to the north of the country; lead you from ragged mountain peaks to lush valleys, to the colourful ethnicities of the south, to the captivating salt desert Dallol in the northeast, to the remotest of rock-hewn churches and monasteries.

Understanding of tour planning & management is essential, and there is no substitute for years of experience in travel when it comes to familiarity with the varying cultures, flora & fauna. Such are the qualities evident of our support staff. To be a successful Guide in a country with such great diversity in travel, one must also be greatly diverse in knowledge. Each of our Guides is a graduate of intense professional training courses that take them from a 5th century pagan temple outside Axum to birds of the Rift Valley Lakes to underground cave systems to market days of remote ethnic groups to the endemic wildlife of Ethiopia’s plains & highlands, Having also a sense of humor, good social skills &Excellent speaking English, are all mandatory.

Lalibela Eco Tours supplies a fleet of comfortable up-to-date ground vehicles plus makes convenient use of Domestic air services. We compete through quality, competence and professionalism.

Past Clients
the best and most reliable source of information is someone who has first-hand experience on something. Even better than a guidebook, our past clients are a great and reliable source of information. Most of them have stayed in constant touch with us even after going back home and are willing to have their contacts given out to potential clients.

Lalibela Eco Tours invites you to discover:

  • The home of Africa’s most ancient known Kingdom and one of the first Monarchies in the world, in power even before England’s royal family.
  • The only African country that has its own alphabet and number system and continues to use the Gregorian calendar of 13 Months of Sunshine.
  • The only African country that has maintained independence in the face of European colonialism.
  • The home to some of Africa’s most incredible geological features such as Dalol Depression, Ertale Volcano, Sof Omar Cave, the East African Rift Valley, the Blue Nile Gorge and others.

Unique Ethiopia tours would like to invite you to experience all these wonderful places and more!
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